Chimney Repair

Importance of chimney repair

Keeping the chimney in good shape is an important part of house maintenance. It’s also an important protection measure against harsh weather conditions. If you suspect that the chimney has been damaged, you should make the necessary repairs as soon as possible. This will save you money and  prevent a costly replacement down the road.

Repairing a cracked chimney crown is a fairly simple process. Depending on the size and severity, a high-heat mortar patch or a pre-mixed cement patch may be used. However, if the crack is large and has wider edges, a longer cure time may be required.

What you will need

The best way to get your chimney repaired is to hire a professional. You might want to contact a roofing company for a consultation. Using a professional contractor will ensure that the job is done correctly. They will help you assess the structural integrity of your chimney, and will determine the best course of action to restore your chimney. Start with a great chimney service company like Chimney Cleaning Harris County to handle chimney repair needs.

A repointing is a type of repair that involves scraping and cleaning crumbling mortar and then re-inserting it with new, smooth mortar. However, re-pointing your chimney can be expensive. Re-pointing your chimney will require the services of a mason or a roofing contractor. In addition, you will need to install a new cap for your chimney. 

When performing any type of chimney repair, you will want to make sure that the project is done safely. This means wearing the proper safety equipment and taking the appropriate precautions. For instance, you will need to wear firm-grip shoes to protect your feet. Also, it’s a good idea to hire a professional to do the work because they will have the tools and experience necessary to perform the task.

What to consider

There are many other things to consider before making a decision on whether or not to make a chimney repair. For example, a damaged flue liner can lead to a significant fire hazard. Not only that, a nonfunctioning flue can expose your family to dangerous chemicals, such as creosote. Has your home or office experiencing plumbing issues? Call the reliable experts at Drain Cleaning Westchester County get your pipes in tip top shape.

Additionally, improper waterproofing can damage the structure and cause bricks to break.

Cracked clay tiles are a relatively inexpensive repair. However, over time, they will deteriorate and need to be replaced. On average, this repair can cost from $65 to $100 per square foot.

Another chimney repair that you may be able to do yourself is tuckpointing. Have a move coming up soon? Call long island movers for fair pricing, and outstanding customer service. Tuckpointing is a process in which you fill in gaps between mortar joints using a special solution that matches the color of your bricks.

Lastly, a metal flashing is an option that can provide additional protection for your chimney. This is especially beneficial if you live in a storm-prone area. Metal flashing will last for a much longer period of time and will protect your chimney from water.

Taking care of your chimney is a smart move that can extend the life of your chimney and keep your family safe. It is important to inspect your chimney on a regular basis to make sure that there are no major issues.