Feb. the 27th at 10AM

Redlands Area

Address to come

Auction will be in the garages or basement rec. room


Will here we go.

Just making sure I remember how to do all this *&)(*&^  

 Will have many more pictures

Keep checking


Darla is a Grandmother and a year older as of


And I could get shot for this


Look again at pictures I GOOFED the first time


 Click HERE for pictures

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Lots more to come how that membered how to


Here we go again

Some time in mid March we are going to have an auction at the old St. Riges last known as Naggy Mcgee’s.

359 Colorado Ave. in down town

Grand Junction, CO

All the kitchen equipment, bar wares, tables, chairs, bar stools & tables, this will be a good restaurant auction.

Will get listing and pictures ASAP



  All auctions rain or shine 


And remember the BID stops here !!!!