Thanks for looking


 "You want HOW Much?"


Well were set up and ready for the auction tomorrow -- could use a few more smaller items,

 but it'll be just fine, maybe someone will call or bring something in.

Hello, yes madam we are still taking consignments for the auction. What might you have?

A set of Nippon dishes service for 8.  Hey that sounds great!

 Oh it's missing a couple of cups and some of the plates are chipped. Well it still sounds OK




How in the world did you ever come up with that kind of a price?

Oh, I see, your uncles ex-wife's sister who knows a waitress in an all night coffee shop in Nome,

 Alaska (who has not seen the set) told her to tell you NOT to take a dime less, because she knows.


Maybe we could get HER to bid on it.

 Oh I see she doesn't want to buy it, in fact she doesn't even like Nippon.


She just knows WHAT IT SHOULD BRING!!!